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U.S. Diesel Vehicle Sales Dashboard

Each quarter we post new numbers and insight on the sales of light-duty diesel cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in the U.S. for the preceding quarter, with occasional insight and perspective on annual and other trends in the marketplace. Data and analysis supplied by Baum & Associates, and is subject to change, pending new updates and select data availability for some models and markets.   


The light-duty diesel segment is paced by three entrants: the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Ford F-150. The F-150 is of course new for 2018 and launched last Spring. Sales represent approximately 5 percent of total F-150 sales. Note that sales of the F-150 diesel are now included and have been added for the entire year. In Spring 2019, diesel sales will increase significantly as the Silverado and Sierra half-ton pickups and the Ram 1500 will all offer diesel entrants. There is a large drop off after the three category leaders, with GM and the European-based manufacturers completing the category. Sales of these light-duty diesels represent approximately 0.8 percent of total sales, which is up modestly from 2017.

Commercial diesel sales are sold on the ¾ and 1 ton versions of the Ram, F-Series Super Duty, and Silverado/Sierra. Sales increased in 2018 and total sales represent 2.2 percent of sales, but of course a much larger share of large pickups, where these engines are common. It should be noted that GM has seen strong growth in this category as their new product in the medium-duty segment is enabling increased sales in Class 2 and 3 as many corporate customers buy trucks of various classes (as a package) for their business needs. Ford’s market-leading position in this segment of course translates into its leading position in diesel sales.

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Vehicles sold in the U.S. (2018):

Alternative fuel vehicles sold in the U.S. (2018):
1,215,291 (7.1% of Total Vehicles Sold)

Diesels sold in the U.S. (2018):
518,020 = (2.62% of Total Vehicles Sold)


GM Chevrolet Colorado Diesel Diesel pickup 7,902
Ford Ford F-150 Diesel* Diesel pickup 18,264
GM GMC Canyon Diesel Diesel pickup 2,788
FCA Ram Promaster Van Diesel Diesel pickup 466
FCA Ram Ram Pickup Diesel* Diesel pickup 9,865
GM Chevrolet Silverado Diesel Comm Diesel pickup 81,428
FCA Ram Ram Pickup Diesel Comm Diesel pickup 96,656
Ford Ford Super-Duty Diesel Comm Diesel pickup 163,676
GM GMC Sierra Diesel Comm Diesel pickup 44,030
VW Audi A3 Diesel Diesel sedan 6
VW Audi A6 Diesel Diesel sedan 403
VW Audi A7 Diesel Diesel sedan 196
VW Audi A8 Diesel Diesel sedan 109
BMW BMW 3-Series Diesel Diesel sedan 1,301
BMW BMW 5-Series Diesel Diesel sedan 258
BMW BMW 7-Series Diesel Diesel sedan 0
GM Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Diesel sedan 1,474
Tata Jaguar XE Diesel sedan 458
Tata Jaguar XF Diesel sedan 170
Daimler Mercedes C-Class Diesel Diesel sedan 0
Daimler Mercedes E-Class Diesel Diesel sedan 0
VW Volkswagen Beetle Diesel Diesel sedan 90
VW Volkswagen Golf Diesel Diesel sedan 26
VW Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon Diesel Diesel sedan 83
VW Volkswagen Jetta Diesel Diesel sedan 144
VW Volkswagen Passat Diesel Diesel sedan 117
VW Audi Q7 Diesel Diesel SUV 745
VW Audi Q5 Diesel Diesel SUV 918
BMW BMW X3 Diesel Diesel SUV 0
BMW BMW X5 Diesel Diesel SUV 2,636
GM GMC Terrain Diesel Diesel SUV 3,045
Tata Jaguar F-Pace Diesel SUV 816
FCA Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Diesel SUV 0
Tata Land Rover Discovery Diesel Diesel SUV 1,406
Tata Land Rover Range Rover Diesel SUV 1,288
Tata Land Rover Range Rover Velar Diesel SUV 1,143
Tata Land Rover Range Rover Sport Diesel SUV 3,253
Daimler Mercedes GL-Class Diesel Diesel SUV 4
Daimler Mercedes GLS-Class Diesel Diesel SUV 0
Daimler Mercedes GLK Class Diesel Diesel SUV 0
Daimler Mercedes GLE-Class Diesel Diesel SUV 0
Daimler Mercedes ML Class Diesel Diesel SUV 3
VW Porsche Cayenne Diesel Diesel SUV 393
VW Volkswagen Touareg Diesel Diesel SUV 1,337
Ford Ford Transit Diesel* Diesel van 41,591
Daimler Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Diesel van 29,532
GM Chevrolet Express Diesel Comm Diesel van 0
Daimler Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Comm Diesel van 0
Ford Ford Econoline Diesel Comm Diesel van 0
GM GMC Savana Diesel Comm Diesel van 0
FCA Maserati Ghibli Diesel 0

NOTE: Data and analysis supplied by Alan Baum, Baum & Associates, and is subject to change, pending new updates and select data availability for some models and markets. Data includes passenger vehicles in Class 1-3 including heavy-duty pickup trucks and vans. Media outlets interested in the full data contact dtf@dieselforum.org

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