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December 31, 2016   |   Forbes


Why The Diesel Range Rover Rules The Roost

The Range Rover Sport Td6, to be precise, is among the very best luxury SUVs on the market. It has all the elegance and purposefulness of the Range Rover design, itself head and shoulders above the competition, coupled to a superb powertrain.

Sure, you can opt for a supercharged V8 gasoline engine in the Range Rover, but it really doesn't offer much more in terms of usable performance than the diesel.

What's more, the diesel is remarkably quiet and refined and with 443 lb ft of torque on tap at just 1750 rpm, it accelerates briskly. And although gas prices are still relatively low, the fact that the diesel averages somewhere in the mid-20s, versus the teens for the V8 in terms of mpg instinctively makes one feel better at the filling station.

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