What is Clean Diesel?

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August 27, 2019   |   Denver Channel 7


Why do empty Aurora Public School buses drive up and down I-70?

The reason Aurora Public Schools say they drive their buses up and down I-70 is to better maintain the bus fleet and keep their buses running efficiently. That might sound odd when you think of the extra miles and extra fuel as well as the additional wear and tear on the tires as well as other parts of the bus.

“What the viewer is referencing is something we call the "Re-Gen" run on I-70,” says Corey Christiansen, Public Information Officer for Aurora Public Schools. “We started this process several years ago and it has had a tremendous impact on keeping our buses in service.”

“The Re-Gen run has been very successful at keeping our buses running as efficiently as possible. In fact, since we started using the buses with the DPFs and began the Re-Gen run, our fuel costs have dropped by almost 60%,” Christiansen says. “It ensures that we can provide safe, efficient and effective transportation-related services with on-time delivery for our students to succeed in the classroom.”

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