What is Clean Diesel?

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July 17, 2019   |   MSN Autos


What is diesel exhaust fluid and why is it becoming more important than ever?

"SCR is a technology that exists right now and is being employed all over the world to increase fuel efficiency and reduce NOx emissions," said Charles Culverhouse, CEO of Old World Industries, makers of BlueDEF and Peak automotive chemicals, in an interview with Roadshow. "DEF works and its made from commonly available ingredients that are already being produced in vast amounts for the agricultural industry. The infrastructure is already in place."

That's an important thing to remember. The world isn't going to abandon diesel anytime soon. We depend on diesel-powered vehicles -- be they trucks , trains, or boats -- to move our goods and ourselves around the world. While traditional diesel fuel may not be a great long-term solution for the planet, the SCR technology and the advent of more cost-effective biofuels mean that until we're ready to abandon internal combustion entirely, we're keeping things relatively clean.

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