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January 28, 2019   |  


VW Funds Roll out for Cleaner Buses in Nebraska

Over $3.1 million in funds that the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recently received from the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust are beginning to be distributed to local recipients for diesel vehicle replacement programs.

NDEQ received payments from the VW Trust Funds to support two projects:

1) School bus replacements: A payment of $1,891,527 has been designated to assist Nebraska school districts in replacing older diesel school buses with new, cleaner-diesel or propane-fueled buses. Each of the 41 participating school districts will receive partial funding to purchase one new replacement bus. They will receive either a 50% reimbursement for a new diesel bus (maximum payment of $42,000) or a 60% reimbursement (maximum $57,000) for a new propane-fueled bus that meets stricter emissions requirements. Several school districts have completed their projects and received their reimbursement.

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