What is Clean Diesel?

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December 15, 2009   |   Diesel Technology Forum


Using Biodiesel: Good in Theory. Good in Practice? Looking Beyond the Policy and Politics

Biodiesel usage has grown exponentially in the last several years, due to a combination of financial incentives, dynamics in petroleum markets, and the institution of state and local mandates. Stories of both overwhelming success and endless frustration abound, leaving policymakers and consumers looking for additional insights and perspective.

This webinar, the first in a multi-part series on using biodiesel, takes a look at biodiesel availability, quality and impact on vehicle performance in order to help drivers and policymakers make informed decisions about the risks and benefits of expanded biodiesel use. Subsequent webinars in early 2010 will provide a more in-depth look at vehicle performance issues and considerations for developing mandates and other biodiesel policies.


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What is Clean Diesel?

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