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December 20, 2019   |  


Temple ISD Receives Eight New School Buses with Texas Grant Funding

Temple Independent School District, located in between Dallas and Austin, purchased eight new diesel school buses with funding from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), to help reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions throughout the district and community.

Amy Scopac, the assistant director of transportation for Temple ISD, said the new school buses will help reduce the potential exposure of NOx emissions to their students. Scopac said the older buses had a NOx emission of around 5.0 and the replacement buses have a NOx emission of around 0.2.

With the $728,000 grant and a $50,000 district cost-share, Temple ISD replaced school buses ranging from 1993 to 2000 model years with eight 77-passenger diesel IC Bus CE models.

“The reduction of NOx emissions, while also reducing the potential of exposure to our students will reduce potential exposure to our community,” Scopac said. “Reducing pollutants helps improve the overall air quality in our area. We are certainly excited to be doing our part to help reduce these pollutants in our community.”

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