What is Clean Diesel?

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August 23, 2021   |   Commercial Carrier Journal


Starship and SuperTruck reveal diesel's staying power

Diesel’s making strides in other major tests. Allen Schaeffer, executive director at the Diesel Technology Forum, noted how the SuperTruck program—a partnership of the Department of Energy, truck and engine OEMs—exceeded the 55% brake thermal efficiency with a Cummins diesel.

“That is amazing, and translates into probably in the 12-14 mpg range,” Schaeffer said.  “So the next generation of diesels will achieve more fuel efficiency and have lower GHG and other emissions will be even nearer to zero as well.  And, if you factor in that generation of diesel and use a lower carbon fuel—and this can occur across the fleet not just new vehicles—then you are talking about significant carbon reductions across large swaths of vehicles likely happening sooner than other infrastructure build-out and new alternative fuel vehicles achieving critical market success.”

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