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January 07, 2019   |   American Journal of Transportation


Port of Baltimore receives $2.4 million from EPA to help promote clean air

The Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore was awarded $2.4 million from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to repower marine engines and upgrade diesel dray trucks and equipment that is used to move cargo. The funding will further reduce emissions at the Port itself and in surrounding areas.

The EPA funding is coming from a Diesel Emission Reduction Act grant. The funding will go toward the replacement of approximately 35 dray trucks, 30 pieces of cargo-handling equipment such as forklifts and yard tractors, and the repowering of four marine engines. These replacements and repowers will result in the lifetime emission reduction of approximately 37 tons of particulate matter, 398 tons of nitrogen oxides, 165 tons of carbon monoxide, and 724 tons of carbon dioxide. It will also save more than 64,000 tons of fuel.

To date, the Port of Baltimore has replaced 175 older dray trucks with newer model, cleaner versions. It has also replaced, retrofitted or repowered about 60 pieces of cargo-handling equipment with newer, less polluting engines. Both of those initiatives were important in improving air quality associated with port activities.



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