What is Clean Diesel?

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May 29, 2019   |   Transport Topics


Perspective: Diesel Drives Toward Clean Energy Future

Perspective from Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum:

The journey to cleaner diesel fuels, particulate filters and near-zero nitrogen oxide engines that took place in the 1990s through today has not been entirely smooth. But, we have witnessed the diesel engine develop into a near-zero emissions technology. It was a challenge for both manufacturers and their customers to be patient as engineers worked to meet dual challenges of near-zero emissions and boosting fuel economy.

But a more than decade later, here we are. Diesel is time-tested, battle proven, reliable and constantly improving — enough to dominate the trucking industry for more than half a century. It remains the gold standard for trucking today. It would take more than 60 of today’s modern diesels to equal the emissions of a single model from the 1990s. That’s progress. And yet more is being asked of truck and engine manufacturers in the clean and efficient diesel department.

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