What is Clean Diesel?

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November 12, 2020   |  


Panel Discusses What’s Ahead for Greener Diesel

Diesel can play a central role for the transportation sector as it moves toward a more sustainable future, one that is inclusive of many factors which — collectively — can help the industry achieve its environmental goals, a panel of experts said.

“As we think about zero emissions and the path to zero emissions, that change will depend on the energy sources that are available — and also on the applications and regional infrastructure and local regulations around the world,” said Wayne Eckerle, vice president of research at Cummins Inc., during a Nov. 10 panel discussion hosted by the Diesel Technology Forum. “That path to zero will involve a mix of energy-convergent technologies that will use diverse carbon-neutral and renewable energy sources.”

Eckerle noted that there is movement globally toward “zero life-cycle greenhouse emissions,” which he said focuses not just on vehicle emissions, but also greenhouses gases associated with the raw materials, producing the product, using the product and eventual disposal of it.

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