What is Clean Diesel?

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January 07, 2019   |   Autocar (United Kingdom)


Opinion: Why we should buy new, cleaner-than-ever diesels

...the idea that modern diesels are part of the solution rather than problem is gathering pace, the arguments now backed by the results of the new, tougher-than-ever WLTP test regime that has been rolled out across Europe and which - even attackers of ‘old’ diesels are starting to admit - are proving the significant gains that have been made.


To my thinking, getting from where we are today to where we want to be in 2040 requires a glidepath, powered by improving technology. The fastest way to reduce emissions is to get newer vehicles on the road, and the knock-on benefit of that is that car makers will have more money to invest in newer, cleaner technology. The happy aside for government, meanwhile, is that a buoyant car industry is a hugely profitable one for its own coffers, especially as far as VAT on new car sales is concerned.

Diesel - sold wisely, used well - can be part of that solution.

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