What is Clean Diesel?

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February 11, 2019   |   Capital Press


New Green Deal calls for ag to be 'greenhouse gas free'

The New Green Deal introduced last week by Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate does not propose banning cow flatulence, but it does strike at something that powers farm production — diesel fuel.

Biodiesel could sharply reduce emissions, especially if it's manufactured with renewable energy, but it's far from being ready to supplant all diesel, said Don Scott, director of sustainability for the National Biodiesel Board, a trade association for biofuels.

Diesel currently provides two-thirds of the energy used to power farm equipment, according to a study by the Diesel Technology Forum, an association of diesel suppliers and equipment manufacturers. There is no cost-effective substitute to power heavy equipment at slow speeds in remote places, according to the study.

Diesel-powered trucks, trains and ships move 90 percent of the nation's freight, according to the study.

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