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July 20, 2020   |  


New-Gen Diesel-Powered Trucks Vital To Clean Air Goals

The Diesel Technology Forum issued the following statement on the recently announced Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between 15 states and the District of Columbia concerning the goal of achieving 100% zero-emission commercial truck sales by 2050.

“While the recently announced MOU takes a long view for commercial trucks in the region to be all electric, there are equally important proven and available near-term opportunities to advance progress for cleaner air and lower greenhouse gas emissions right now. Rapidly accelerating the turnover of the existing fleet to the newest generation of diesel technology as well as expanding the use of low-carbon advanced biofuels can deliver benefits today, and should not be overlooked,” noted Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum, a not-for-profit association representing manufacturers of diesel engines and equipment, key suppliers of emissions control and other technologies and fuel producers.

“Diesel is the technology of choice for America’s trucking industry because of its unique combination of features: the most energy efficient internal combustion engine, power density, driving range, reliability, durability and widely available fueling, servicing and parts networks. Continuous improvement that has now achieved near zero emissions, improving energy efficiency and capabilities of using low-carbon renewable biodiesel fuels, ensure diesel’s place in the future," he said.

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