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June 10, 2019   |   WDRB


New Albany improves levee system with 6 new backup generators

Custom-designed generators are being built to provide backup power for New Albany’s levee system.The city is investing $1.5 million into the construction and installment of six diesel generators for each of the city’s six pump stations, which altogether house 19 pumps.

After New Albany suffered through the 2018 flooding, the city’s Stormwater Utility and Flood Control District Director, Chris Gardner, suggested to Mayor Jeff Gahan that the city needed to invest in backup power supplies.

“If electric power goes down, we’ll have diesel generators to kick in to keep pumps pumping to keep the city dry,” Gahan said.

“It’ll be nice knowing in the middle of the night when it’s raining, and we do lose power, that we will have power here to keep the facilities running,” Gardner said.

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