What is Clean Diesel?

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April 18, 2018   |   Motor1


Mazda Says Diesel Still Has A Future; Rules Out Smaller Car

Yet another manufacturer has announced it remains strongly committed to the diesel engine. Mazda has also declared it sees no reason to write off the compression ignition technology yet.

In a recent interview to Dutch online magazine AutoRai, the President and CEO of the Japanese brand for Europe, Jeff Guyton, has explained the reasons why diesels are still very important. According to him, probably the biggest challenge for the companies today is to create large but economical SUVs, because that's what customers are asking for, and the diesel engine is their best friend pursuing this mission.

"Forcing customers into cars with lower CO2 emissions does not work,” Guyton said. “They want both the SUV and good fuel consumption. That is one of the reasons why we continue to develop diesels. We can make diesel very clean, powerful and economical. We think that this is a better solution from a cost perspective than, for example, hybrid technology. "

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