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May 19, 2019   |   The News-Enterprise


It’s national EMS week: tools, care improve over years

In Hardin County, Armstrong said Fort Knox was the first to have paramedic services. Hardin County EMS had its first paramedics on the streets in the 1980s. Armstrong said they started out with three trucks – one each in Sonora, Radcliff and Eliza­bethtown. Since then, they’ve grown to four trucks in Eliza­beth­town, two in Radcliff and one in Sonora.

They’ve also switched from gas ambulances to where the entire fleet runs on diesel.

“That allows us a little bit larger range. We routinely take patients to the University of Kentucky to Vanderbilt (University Hospital in Nashville, Ten­nessee) to Cincinnati so we have to have the vehicular equipment to be able to meet those commands,” Armstrong said.

The ambulances, equipped with hot spots, also allow the transmission of EKGs from the cardiac monitor in the field to the hospital, where physicians in the emergency department are able to prep accordingly, he said.

Ambulances are equipped with automated CPR, which not only offers a better quality of care for the patients but makes it safer for the clinicians because they don’t have to stand up and do CPR in the moving vehicle, Armstrong said.

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