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May 14, 2018   |   Automotive Business Review


ISUZU Diesel Engines are Renowned Worldwide

Diesel engines form the cornerstone of Isuzu products, said Dominic Rimmer, Executive, Technical Services at IMSA. As the world's largest commercial diesel engine manufacturer, Isuzu Motors has produced more than 25 million diesel engines to date.

"Companies around the world have chosen Isuzu diesel engines as indispensable partners for their businesses. Isuzu engines are used in the construction industry, in ships, forklifts and even in snowmobiles in the South Pole.

"These engines are valued for their combination of power, performance and reliability. In the marine market, users choose Isuzu engines for their sure-starting dependability. Customers also like the fact that Isuzu's advanced technology is continually raising the standards for low-noise, low-pollution industrial diesels," said Rimmer

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