What is Clean Diesel?

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January 08, 2020   |  


Is Renewable Diesel Still a ‘Miracle Fuel’?

Compared to petroleum diesel, renewable diesel is a fairly new fuel: It’s really only been marketed for truck fleets, construction, marine, rail, and other industry segments since about 2015. At the same time, it’s been around long enough that early adopters know the value it delivers. So how’s it going? Fleets and producers provide the latest updates on performance, pricing, and availability.

What Is Renewable Diesel? 

If you’re not familiar with renewable diesel, it’s made from sustainable sources such as natural animal fats, vegetable oils, greases, plant waste, and other sources. Advancements in refining technology mean that previously unused resources can now be reused, which provides significant environmental benefits, according to Neste, a producer of renewable diesel.

The specialized processes used to produce renewable diesel deliver near zero contaminants and other benefits, such as: It can be used as a drop-in replacement for ultra-low-sulfur diesel and biodiesel, reduces greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions by 80%, has 24% lower carbon monoxide levels, and it’s a high cetane fuel, which is good for greater pickup, cold start, and quieter operation, according to Neste. 

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