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August 30, 2019   |   CRN


Hurricane Dorian Casts Shadow Over Sunshine State Solution Providers

As Florida braces for Hurricane Dorian, solution providers are scrambling to make sure their employees are safe, as well as keeping their offices and networks protected from what could be a Category 4 monster.

‘The word of the day for all of our clients is backup, backup, backup,” said Michael Goldstein, with LAN Infotech, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based solution provider.

“The leadership team huddles on a daily basis to make judgment calls on do we close the office, do we come in, do we go with a skeleton crew,” he said. “For folks who are able to come into work, we make sure the diesel generator is powered on. When we talk about our systems, we made a concerted effort over the last couple years to make sure all of our core business systems that run and support our internal as well as our customers’ infrastructure are all on Microsoft Azure’s cloud.”

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