What is Clean Diesel?

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September 13, 2019   |   Transportation Today


House advances bill empowering EPA to incentivize diesel emission reduction through grants

The House of Representatives advanced legislation Monday known as the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA), which would empower the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide grants to communities to aid the reduction of harmful diesel emissions and improve air quality.

The program has been standard for years, with grants administered on a competitive basis to maximize public health and environmental benefits. A recent EPA report to Congress noted that, since 2008, the DERA program has awarded $629 million and, through them, helped retrofit 67,300 engines, realized $19 billion in public health savings, remove 61,500 tons of carbon monoxide from the atmosphere, saved 454 million gallons of fuel and, through all of this, prevented as many as 2,300 premature deaths.

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