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February 12, 2019   |   Farming UK


'GUSS' the world's first autonomous orchard sprayer - powered by diesel

The world's first autonomous orchard sprayer has been announced, using GPS, vehicle sensors and software to remotely monitor crops. 

California-based Crinklaw Farm Services has unveiled the Global Unmanned Spray System (GUSS), which has worked alongside engine company Cummins.

Gary Thompson, Marketing Director for Crinklaw Farm Services, said: “GUSS’s whole design philosophy is based around innovation, efficiency and performance – building a machine that can spray row after row, day after day.”

Ann Schmelzer, Global General Manager of Agriculture at Cummins, added: “As an incredibly innovative sector, agriculture provides a fantastic platform for autonomy, particularly when higher operational efficiencies and increased productivity are primary objectives.

“Integrating ultra-clean diesel engines with autonomous service vehicles is a great example of how the agriculture industry continues to move forward. We are excited to power such groundbreaking innovation,” she said.


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