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October 30, 2018   |   The Times of Israel


Finnish engineer, Israeli chemist awarded $1 million alternative fuel prize

Lindfors and his team at Neste have developed new ways to make bio-diesel fuel from organic waste materials, such as animal oils and used cooking oils. Based on these processes,  Neste produces “millions of tons a year” of bio-diesel fuel, used to propel trucks and ships, the ministry’s statement said. “These could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% and thus contribute to the fight against global warming.”

“Israel has set an ambitious goal — to reduce the use of fossil fuel for transportation by 60% by 2025,” said Anat Bonshtein, the director of the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility initiative, which is part of the Prime Minister’s Office, in the statement. “To achieve this goal, innovation and creativity are needed, as well as smart and strong policies. Israel is preparing to lead this field globally, to reduce dependence on oil and on the oil producing countries, thereby strengthening the world economy. ”

The Smart Mobility 2018 Summit, held this week in Tel Aviv for the sixth year, tackles transportation and advances in mobility and is attended by entrepreneurs, investors and global corporations.

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