What is Clean Diesel?

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October 23, 2020   |  


Engines: Diesel’s not done

Talk of electrification has frequently taken center stage in recent years when it comes to equipment power options, but it would be remiss to ignore the many positive attributes of the diesel engine. The diesel engine has evolved rapidly and significantly from its earliest iterations and today stands as a paragon of engineering ingenuity.

Engine makers have been working to reduce diesel emissions for decades, and that trend continues, thanks to Europe’s Stage V regulations. These were scheduled to go into effect in June of this year but have been postponed for 12 months due to challenges related to the worldwide pandemic.

“We’re in an exciting time for diesel engine development,” says Michael Lefebvre, manager, global marketing support, John Deere Power Systems. “After years refining our technologies to meet subsequent levels of emissions regulations, we can now leverage those technologies in new ways to achieve impressive results.

“Areas of focus include improving overall package size, reducing overall engine weight and integrating new generations of electronic control systems. We’ve always focused on uptime and reliability for our products, and that will continue to be an area of emphasis as we develop upcoming engine offerings.”

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