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August 15, 2021   |  


DTF Response to GovTech Article on Responder Vehicles Being Electric in the Future

Mainstream consumer policies dictating electric passenger vehicles are one thing, but it is the wrong kind of government thinking that every other category of vehicles, like disaster response and fire and rescue should be something other than today’s gas and diesel. The National Academies of Science just issued a sizable report on the topic of fuels for defending our nation. Their conclusion is that ‘U.S. Army Should Continue to Use Hydrocarbon Fuel as Primary Source of Energy on the Battlefield, Says New Report.’

What sense would it make to have disaster response vehicles be all electric when the grid is almost always knocked out for a period of time (as you point out) – days or weeks? It would be like sending a fire truck without a hose or water to a burning building. If an EV could not deliver the same or better functionality on the core requirements of emergency response – the response time took longer, was less effective, consequences were greater loss of life and/.or property damage- then why would we even consider it?. If EVs are someday able to be superior to a diesel pumper truck or 4x4 wildfire fighting truck, and operate 8 hours continuously far, far away from any charging source then…. great.

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