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June 08, 2018   |   Fleet World


Diesel still the right option for longer distances, says Lex

A growing number of fleets are embracing electric vans for low-mileage operations but diesel still has a pre-eminent role when it comes to longer distances.

So said Russell Adams, commercial vehicle manager at Lex Autolease, as he highlighted the many considerations fleets face at the moment.

“What we’re seeing, both from current and potential customers, is an incredibly inquisitive market with genuine interest in how battery power is set to play a role for them. However, it’s telling that the majority of our own electric van customers are still using these vehicles for low-range operations, such as campus-based roles at universities or the fleet we manage at Portsmouth Naval Base for BAE. It proves that electric vans are fitting the bill for low-mileage jobs, but new diesel is still the right option where it’s necessary to cover longer distances – logistics or construction fleets, for example,” he finished.


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