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September 10, 2019   |   Autocar (United Kingdom)


Diesel sales are growing again, says Mercedes boss

Mercedes-Benz global diesel sales are growing again, suggesting the fuel type is far from dead, CEO Ola Källenius has revealed.

"The good thing about facts is that they are facts," he said. "The truth is that in most situations, diesels enjoy an economy benefit of 15-20% and in a lot of circumstances also lower NOx emissions than they are certified at. There is no rational reason today not to buy one if your driving profile suits its best use."

"At Mercedes, we only experienced a relatively small decline in sales, but over the past months we have seen that mix creeping up again. At the point of sale the public are typically very rational and so, if diesel meets their needs, they will buy it. If it doesn't, we must ensure we have alternatives.

"But on the future of diesel I'm cautiously optimistic."

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