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September 10, 2018   |   Automotive Fleet


Diesel Remains 'Key Component' of GM Lineup

General Motors executives reaffirmed their commitment to offering diesel engines across the company's vehicle lineup while speaking at an event hosted by the Washington Automotive Press Association, according to a leading diesel group.

"The diesel propulsion system remains a key component of GM's vehicle lineup,” said Pierpaolo Antonioli, GM's executive director of global propulsion systems, diesel sector. "Consumers around the globe continue to ask for diesel options, especially in our pickup truck and SUV offerings, where diesel can offer outstanding fuel economy and the range they demand."

The Chevrolet Cruze added a new diesel engine in 2017, and the Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickup began offering a diesel engine with the 2016 model year. GM considers the diesel-powered Colorado a success, Mike Siegrist, GM's regional chief engineer, reportedly said at the event.

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