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September 29, 2018   |   PickupTrucks.com


Diesel Pickup Sales Are Revving Up: Study

A recent study by the Diesel Technology Forum found that diesel sales are holding their own in all types of passenger vehicles, despite recent emissions issues with Volkswagen and other manufacturers. Currently diesel engines account for about 3 percent of passenger vehicle sales and around 13 percent for pickups. According to the study, more than 6.6 million diesel pickups on the road in 2017, the model-year the study used.

The Diesel Technology Forum study also found diesels are growing in popularity with van buyers. With the Ford Transit Connect compact vans joining full-size diesel models from Ford and Ram, commercial vans make up the fastest-growing category of diesel sales. Last year saw a sales increase of more than 44 percent, translating to about 5 percent of all domestic van sales.


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