What is Clean Diesel?

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February 13, 2019   |   Marlin


Diesel Engine Evolution

A far cry from the loud, smoky engines of the past, today’s diesel power is cleaner, quieter and more fuel efficient than ever before in the history of marine propulsion. Technological advancements have led to far greater power-to-weight ratios, while common-rail fuel delivery systems, turbochargers, exhausts and other elements have all become much more dynamic, allowing boats to achieve performance parameters that naval architects could once only dream of. A 70-footer cruising at 30 knots? No problem. Forty-plus knots at wide-open throttle? Another barrier shattered. Even 50 knots is not an unachievable goal for the next generation of sport-fishers. So if you have that need for speed, or just want better fuel economy in a quieter, more efficient engine, look no further.

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