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November 09, 2018   |   Indianapolis Business Journal


Cummins focuses on both diesel and uncertain electric future

Columbus-based Cummins Inc. is doing a bit of a juggling act these days—staking its claim in the new realm of electric vehicles while keeping its legacy diesel business humming.

“We’re very much about powertrain of choice—the right technology for the right application,” said Julie Furber, who directs Cummins’ electrification business. “Electrification is not ‘there’ to be a silver bullet for everything—yet.”

Despite that commitment, Cummins is not rushing headlong into electrification at the expense of diesel.

“For Cummins, our goal is not necessarily to be first, but to be the best at the right time when we enter a market,” spokeswoman Katie Zarich told IBJ in an e-mail.

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