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August 27, 2019   |   Heavy Duty Trucking


Cummins Expands X15 Engine Offerings

Cummins will expand its lineup of X15 diesel engines with two new additions to the family – a new X15 Efficiency Series engine and a new X15 Productivity Series diesel engine.

 According to Cummins, the 2020 X15 Efficiency Series engine delivers up to 5% better fuel economy than the prior X15 Efficiency Series engine and is designed for increased uptime and improved driver satisfaction. It has a new maintenance schedule, including an oil-drain interval of up to 75,000 miles. An oil drain interval of up to 80,000 miles is available to customers using Valvoline Premium Blue 15W-40. For added value, customers participating in Cummins OilGuard program have the potential to increase to a 100,000-mile ODI. These extensions will decrease maintenance costs and improve vehicle uptime for customers, all while protecting their coverage under warranty should they need it, Cummins said.

“We are proud of the performance and reliability of the X15 engine platform,” said Brett Merritt, vice presidentt of Cummins' On-Highway Engine Business. “The new 2020 X15 Efficiency Series engine provides improved fuel economy and further reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  That’s why we’re bringing our new X15 Efficiency Series engine and X15 Productivity Series offering to the market a year ahead of regulation requirements.”

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