What is Clean Diesel?

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July 11, 2019   |   Work Truck Magazine


Construction Fleet Depends on Mack

Headquartered in the Seattle area, Silver Streak was founded in 1982 by Tina Benson’s mother and brother. Benson started her own trucking company in 1993, bought her mom's in 1998, and merged both companies in 2013. She grew her fleet from just five trucks to 24 at that time.

“It’s all about horsepower when leaving the gravel pits,” McCann said. Additionally, customers expect timely service without interruption. They have never experienced a de-rate event out in the field. “Time is money, and our trucks need to work.”

“Remember, we are hauling up to 105,500 pounds. These trucks have to be dependable,” said Benson, now president of Silver Streak.

“Time is money, and having trucks on the job working is how we survive,” said Benson. “Customers in our area are looking for fleets that can handle hauling from point A to point B safely, efficiently and on time, and Mack helps us accomplish that.”

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