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August 08, 2017   |  


CloudHQ Unveils Massive New Manassas Data Center

CloudHQ knows how to make an entrance. This week the company plans to deliver on the largest lease in the history of the data center industry, presenting an anchor tenant with 35 megawatts of space at its Manassas Corporate Center.

The massive new building marks an auspicious debut for CloudHQ, the newest player in the Northern Virginia data center scene. The 460,000 square foot MCC1 facility can support more than 43 megawatts of data center space, allowing the company to house its anchor tenant and an additional 8 megawatts of multi-tenant space.

CloudHQ marks the return of Hossein Fateh, one of the industry’s master builders. As co-founder and CEO of DuPont Fabros Technology, Fateh built more than 260 megawatts of data center capacity for many of the leading players in the Internet sector. Fateh stepped down from DFT in February 2015, and took a year off from the industry. In May 2016 Fateh launched CloudHQ, and secured a huge lease with a leading hyperscale customer.

“There’s no big need for us to be splashy,” said Jeramy Utara, Vice President of Sales & Leasing for CloudHQ. “Our business strategy is a little different. We would like to be more of a development partner for our major clients. We don’t build on spec. We build new buildings with an anchor tenant, and we work with the largest hyperscale providers.”

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