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March 18, 2019   |   Biodiesel Magazine


Celebrating National Biodiesel Day with biodiesel success stories

National Biodiesel Day takes place March 18, in honor of Rudolf Diesel’s birthday. In the 1890s, Rudolf invented the diesel engine, which was designed to run on peanut oil. Rudolf knew early on the prominent role plant oils could play in fueling the future’s vehicles.

“It’s amazing, in this day and age, to see a concept like Rudolf Diesel’s that has the longevity to continue to deliver for what’s now over 100 years,” said Donnell Rehagen, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board. “Obviously, the diesel engine has improved since those first models, but the concept is largely the same. It’s hard to improve on something with such staying power, but we’ve been able to do that with biodiesel. Our industry owes its origins to Diesel, but our staying power is a function of our commitment to continued improvement, our dedication and our passion. Our industry has seen its challenges as every new product does, but, more than two decades into commercial biodiesel production in the U.S., we just never took no for an answer. The success of our early pioneers challenged us and others to think bigger, think bolder, and think without limits. And now, here we are, a nearly 3 billion gallon-a-year industry.”

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