What is Clean Diesel?

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August 20, 2021   |   Commercial Carrier Journal


CCJ Symposium: fleets discuss roadmap to zero emissions

At a recent symposium sponsored by Commercial Carrier Journal, leasing and private fleet executives offered insights on exploring zero emission vehicles, one of those was from the CEO of Portland Oregon based Titan Freight. This excerpts below highlight the real-world experience with renewable diesel fuel as a viable strategy for decarbonizing the transport sector.

While waiting for zero emission trucks to become a more viable option, Titan Freight is moving full speed ahead with renewable diesel (RD). Titan is a Portland, Oregon-based less-than-truckload carrier that operates out of seven service centers in the Northeast. Keith Wilson, president and CEO of Titan Freight, said the company has tried many different fuel-saving technologies but in April 2021 switched to using Renewable Diesel (RD) to cut costs and emissions.

Titan Freight has ordered six electric Freightliner trucks, but they will not be produced until 2023 at the earliest, Wilson said.

Since it began using RD, which Titan purchases in bulk for terminal fueling, the company has seen a 1.4 cent-per-mile reduction in exhaust system maintenance from the clean-burning fuel.  “We haven’t had to change one DPF,” he said. Oil costs are down as well from less soot entering the crankcase. Overall, the company has saved 1.9 cents per mile. After running RD for one million miles, total savings have been $19,000 and its carbon reduction has been 1,294 metric tons.

“In trucking it is hard to find a silver bullet, but we believe we’ve found it,” Wilson said.

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