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October 19, 2018   |   Lawn & Landscape


Caterpillar unveils new line of mini excavators

The Caterpillar range of Next Generation mini hydraulic excavators has been expanded with the addition of six new models in the 7-to-10-ton category.  

The new models range in maximum operating weight from 18,152 to 22,447 pounds (8 233 to 10 182 kg) and in standard dig depths from 13 feet 5 inches to 17 feet (4 107 to 5 174 mm). Three models—307.5, 308 CR, and 309 CR—are available with a long-stick option that increases dig depth by approximately 22 inches (560 mm). The variable angle boom, available with the 308 CR VAB and 309 CR VAB, enhances digging capability in congested work areas. Powering the 307.5 is the Cat C2.4 turbo diesel engine rated at 55.9 net horsepower (41.7 kW); the five larger models use the Cat C3.3 diesel engine rated at 70.3 net horsepower (52.4 kW).

The design of Cat Next Generation mini excavators emphasizes operator comfort, convenience, and safety. The six new models are fitted with cabs, sealed and pressurized to ensure a clean environment, and featuring a redesigned heating/ventilating/air conditioning system that ensures all-weather climate control.

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