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October 05, 2018   |  


Bus grants awarded to several area school districts

Five school districts in Southwest Missouri, including Joplin, have been awarded grants from the 2018 Missouri Clean Diesel Program and Volkswagen Trust to help buy some more efficient school buses.

In addition to Joplin, Miller and McDonald County school districts each have won grants to replace three old buses. The Everton School District was given a grant for two buses and Lamar will receive grant money toward the cost of one replacement bus.

East Newton School District is an alternate district that could receive a grant for three buses if any of the 40 districts in Missouri that are primary grant winners do not accept all of their grant money.

The school district grants were decided by a lottery, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Earlier this year, the Webb City School District was one of 18 school districts in Missouri to be awarded a Clean Diesel grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That grant was made for $60,000 to assist with the cost of three old buses.

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