What is Clean Diesel?

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December 14, 2017   |   Handelsblatt


Bosch CEO: Don't write off diesel yet

Volkmar Denner, chief executive of Bosch:

"The debate over diesel is being conducted with too much emotion and too few facts. Modern diesel technology is extremely innovative. The stricter limit values that will not apply until 2020 can already be met today. With the technology available today, a diesel engine can achieve the same emission values on the road, under real driving conditions, as on the test bench. Without the diesel engine, Germany will probably not achieve its national climate targets for CO2 emissions. Unfortunately, however, facts don’t appear to be important in the debate. I find that annoying. Some of the participants in this debate have little expertise and often no facts. Those who speak eloquently usually bear no responsibility for the employees. We have 88,000 people working in combustion technology, with more than 50,000 of them working in diesel. I think a purely emotional discussion is irresponsible."

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