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January 08, 2020   |  


ASD goes cleaner and greener with 12 new school buses on the way

The Anchorage School District is looking to go cleaner and greener with a few new school buses to add to the fleet.

The 12 new buses are funded with a portion of the money the state secured through the Volkswagen emissions settlement. The Anchorage School District received about $1.5 million from the state for the buses.

"They are a type D bus which means they are are the larger buses," said ASD Senior Director of Transportation, Heather Philp. "They're rear-engine, they have a cleaner exhaust system in them."

The new buses run with Diesel Exhaust Fluid, or DEF, which helps filter particulates out of the exhaust before it exits, and the school district says, what's left is essentially water vapor.

Philp says the school district will also be saving money with these new buses, which are under warranty. "So for our cost on repairs and things like that, we're looking at probably another $50,000 in savings, roughly, on repairs and stuff, so it will be a big savings for us here in transportation."

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