What is Clean Diesel?

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July 01, 2020   |  


A Fluid Situation

The clean diesel folk, such as those at the Diesel Technology Forum, are very bullish on the technology. In fact, these new diesels are very clean. However, there is also a push for electrification in all vehicle segments. What impact do you see from these developments?

Fabricio Cardoso, Integer Research - DEF/emissions control: There is more and more talk about electrifying the truck fleets. We take that into account, but generally we see smaller trucks making that shift. It is difficult to see that so much with Class 8, long-haul trucks. We still see diesel as the primary powertrain for those vehicles. California is pushing very ambitious targets on new, heavy duty [electric] truck sales. Of course, if that goes through it can have an impact on DEF consumption not just in California but any other states or countries that might follow the same approach. But that is a longer-term issue.

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