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June 07, 2018   |   The Drive


2018 Land Rover Discovery Diesel Review: 3 Rows and 33 MPG in an All-Terrain Package

Call it the best $2,000 you’ll ever spend at a Jaguar Land Rover dealership: The optional 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6 in the Land Rover Discoverydelivers mammoth mileage gains. And its torque-y ways are ideally suited to a four-wheeling, seven-passenger SUV.

Once again, the Environmental Protection Agency has given a diesel model ridiculously short shrift — a type of federal false advertising —when it comes to its real-world mileage. Pruitt's numbers aren't even close to the Disco's real-life efforts: Simply maintaining a roughly 60-to-65 mile-per-hour pace, I saw a stellar 33-highway-mpg in the Discovery, beating its federal rating by more than 25 percent. I racked up 27 mpg overall—versus the feds’ meager 23-mpg combined rating—and I’m certain that a diesel-attuned owner could squeeze even better mileage out of this big baby.


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