What is Clean Diesel?

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April 04, 2017   |   Diesel Technology Forum

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Plug Into Clean Diesel for Real Clean Air Benefits

More emission cuts can be achieved by investing in the clean diesel option relative to other fuels or emerging technologies.

This week, the Diesel Technology Forum will be at the Spring Conference of the Environmental Council of States highlighting the unique opportunities to reduce emission through investments in clean diesel technology as part of the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust.  While there is sure to be quite a lot of attention given to all-electric technologies and other alternative fuels, clean diesel will stand out. Replacing older engines or the vehicles and equipment they power with investments in clean diesel technology, will do the most to reduce emissions.

When it comes to meeting the goals of the Environmental Mitigation Trust – reducing emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), a smog forming compound -  state policymakers have a ready and able partner in clean diesel technology. While there are other technologies to choose, when it comes to heavy-duty applications, no other technology can match clean diesel’s capability of maximizing investments to deliver the most emission reduction. Heavy-duty applications matter since they are the largest source of NOx emissions today.

From commercial vehicles, to construction and agricultural equipment and even to larger applications like locomotives and ferry boats, diesel is the technology platform of choice. Relative to other fuels and technologies, diesel does not require the lengthy and expensive buildout of a national fuel or recharging infrastructure. Diesel is available today and has been proven in the marketplace. After decades of research and investment, clean diesel is ready today to deliver near-zero emissions whether it is a commercial truck, construction equipment or locomotive.

When it comes to maximizing Environmental Mitigation Trust investments, the real benefit of clean diesel may be its cost effectiveness in meeting the immediate term emission reduction requirements. More emission cuts can be achieved by investing in the clean diesel option relative to other fuels or emerging technologies. While all-electric passenger cars get all the media attention, clean diesel is ready today to deliver its promise of cutting emissions.


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