What is Clean Diesel?

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December 06, 2017   |   Diesel Technology Forum

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More Bang for your Clean Air Buck with Clean Diesel

City managers in Alexandria, VA were searching for cost effective way to replace aging buses and found their answer in clean diesel.

What is the most cost effective clean technology to replace aging buses? City managers in Alexandria, VA were searching for answers to this question and found their answer in clean diesel. No other technology can match proven emission reductions at lower cost than clean diesel.

City managers for Alexandria, VA were faced with the task of replacing 34 older transit buses that exceeded their useful life. Alexandria is like many transit districts around the country who face capital budget constraints. The city only had $13 million for bus replacements. What to do?

City managers investigated options available including the latest clean diesel technology and emerging all-electric technology that has made headlines recently. City officials got deep in the data and determined that more older buses could be replaced with clean diesel technology than with all-electric.  True, the all-electric model demonstrates zero tailpipe emissions but emissions from the latest clean diesel model demonstrate near-zero emissions. 

The real benefit from clean diesel comes from its cost effectiveness. City managers determined that a single all-electric bus comes with a $1 million price tag, would require a series of charging stations that are estimated to cost about $1.2 million each. Meanwhile, a single near-zero emissions clean diesel model comes with a $200,000 price tag and does not require additional infrastructure or refueling investments. 

For a fixed investment, city managers used their $13 million to replace 27 older and higher emitting buses with clean diesel. The all-electric decision would have replaced far fewer buses leaving more older and higher emitting buses in service. Clean diesel is deliveirng Alexandria’s mobility needs while also reducing emissions for communities.

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