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May 23, 2017   |   Diesel Technology Forum

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Hit the Road This Summer with a Diesel and Chances Are You Won’t Need to Stop...

AAA estimates that 39.3 million Americans will hit the road this Memorial Day weekend. Those behind the wheel of a diesel will save in fuel costs and time.

…at least for fuel. Consumers have new choices when it comes to diesel cars, SUVs and pickups. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, diesel passenger vehicles deliver a 20-35 percent improvement in fuel economy. That means motorists hitting the road this summer will not need to stop to refuel for quite a while, if at all.

In fact, the new Chevy Cruze diesel released earlier this year comes with a whopping 52 mpg on the highway. That means this fuel sipping automobile can travel over 700 miles on a single tank of diesel. That’s impressive! With diesel offered in just about one out of every two fuel retail locations, diesel motorists will not have any problem finding fuel. If diesel isn’t offered at one location, it is probably for sale just across the intersection at a competitor.

AAA estimates that 39.3 million Americans will hit the road this Memorial Day weekend. For those behind the wheel of a diesel, they will save more in fuel costs than their gasoline companions, with a 20-35 percent fuel economy benefit relative to gasoline, and more in time, as they won’t need to refuel as often.

Diesel models are offered in a wide variety of choices for consumers, from small sedans to SUVs and pickups. Get a list of the diesel models currently available here.  


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