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January 31, 2018   |   Diesel Technology Forum

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Game Day Really is Brought to You by Diesel

Clean diesel trucks make sure America’s nachos, beer and other delicacies are on hand and diesel provides backup power to make sure we all can watch the game without a glitch.

This Sunday’s Super Bowl is known for many Game Day traditions and moderation is not one of them. Americans are expected to consume more beer, nachos and wings than at any other time during the year and clean diesel is there to make sure American’s have access to their favorite Super Bowl delicacies. If all goes well on game day, clean diesel will also be a silent player to make sure the big event goes off without any serious malfunction.

What would the Super Bowl be without beer, wings and nachos? According to the American Trucking Associations, Americans will consume 350 truckloads of potato chips, 668 truckloads of avocados, 1,562 truckloads of chicken wings and over 36,166 truckloads of beer on Sunday. All totaled, that’s almost 40,000 truck loads of America’s Game Day favorites. Ninety-eight percent of the trucks responsible for delivering these mid-winter delicacies are powered by diesel. One-in-three of these trucks are on an emissions-reducing diet thanks to the latest generation of clean diesel technology that reduce emissions to near zero levels. A typical Class 8 clean diesel truck can reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen by 2.3 tons. That works out to about 5,000 pints of beer. While Americans may be sipping record quantities of beer on game day, a typical fuel supping clean diesel truck is saving 960 gallons of fuel.

What would Super Bowl Sunday be without actually watching the Super Bowl … or at least the commercials and half time show. Clean diesel will be on hand in a much less visible but maybe more important way. The world’s largest independent engine manufacturer – Cummins – has supplied two 60-liter diesel generators to make sure show will go on if the stadium loses power. These generators are capable of providing 4,000 kilowatts of power should the stadium lose power. This is equivalent to the power provided to 2,000 homes.

Game Day depends on diesel. The latest clean diesel technologies that power America’s commercial vehicles on the road to make sure America’s appitite for nachos, beer and other delicacies are on hand for the party. Diesel is also providing back up power capabilities to make sure we all can watch the game without a glitch.


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