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June 23, 2016   |   Diesel Technology Forum

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Forum’s U.S. “Radio Tour” Highlights Clean Diesel Technology

The Forum launched a national radio tour to discuss the advancements of clean diesel technology and influx of clean diesel vehicles around the country.

Diesel passenger vehicles have been the subject of numerous news stories in recent months raising some questions about the future of diesel cars in the U.S.  As part of the Forum’s educational programs outlining the significant environmental and efficiency improvements of new clean diesel technology DTF launched a national “radio tour” in mid-June to discuss these advancements and the state by state breakdown of how the U.S. added over 300,000 new clean diesel vehicles across the country in 2015. (To see where your state ranks go to: http://dieselforum.org/in-your-state)

On June 15th, DTF Executive Director Allen Schaeffer participated in interviews with radio stations around the U.S. ranging from national programs like “The Morning Briefing with Tim Farley” on Sirius XM, to regional stations including Seattle (Seattle Metro Networks), Boston (“The Car Doctor,” WROL-AM), Texas (Texas State Networks, KTSA/San Antonio, KLBJ/Austin), the North Carolina News Network, Philadelphia (“AM Edition,” WNPV), Phoenix (“Business for Breakfast,” KFNN) and San Diego (“You Auto Know,” KCBQ).

Some of the major points emphasized in the interviews were:

If you would like to hear any or all of the interviews contact Steve Hansen at (301) 668-7230 or shansen@dieselforum.org.


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