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February 20, 2018   |   Diesel Technology Forum

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America’s Roads Might Have to Go to Summer School if They Don’t Shape Up

The latest near-zero emissions technology coupled with advanced productivity and fuel savings innovations are ready and able today to improve our roads and highways to keep America moving.

America’s infrastructure report card is in. The American Society of Civil Engineers has given America’s roads and highways a D. The latest near-zero emissions clean diesel equipment coupled with advanced productivity and fuel savings technology is ready and available to improve our roads.

One out of every five miles of roads across the country is in a poor state of repair resulting in $160 billion in lost economic prosperity as measured by lost time and increased fuel costs due to congestion. Whether we are driving or commuting on public transit we all know roads. What we may not know is that it takes quite a lot of specialty equipment to build and maintain our roads.The latest technologies from the leaders in road building equipment is available to get these projects completed on-time, under budget while reducing emissions for surrounding  communities.We will need to invest in our road infrastructure quickly to bring this infrastructure up to a passing grade. 

A fleet of excavators, loaders, articulated haulers, graders, pavers, milling machines, compactors, dozers and a larger fleet of trucks and dump trucks to haul debris and deliver material to job sites is required. The majority of this equipment comes with a diesel engine under the hood. The latest generation of this equipment comes with advanced technologies to complete these projects accurately and quickly while reducing emissions for nearby communities.

Deere Construction Equipment

Clean Air and Productivity Benefits of the Latest Equipment
The latest near-zero emissions technology is now available in this equipment. Depending on horsepower, clean diesel technologies developed to meet the Tier 4 emissions standard established by U.S. EPA reduces emissions upwards of 90 percent relative to older generations of technology. These are benefits that accrue immediately to the communities adjacent to these jobsites.

The benefits of the latest technology are more than just cleaner air. One of the leading cost centers for contractors are time and fuel and the latest innovations in equipment design can help save fuel and boost productivity to bring projects in on-time and keep America moving.

Equipment giant Deere has matched drone technology with the latest grading equipment to precisely grade a jobsite in one pass. Industry leader Case has deployed the latest in telemetry and GPS technology to enable a variety of equipment to precisely perform work. These innovations and technologies reduce work time and also help save fuel.

Reducing fuel use is not just a function of drones and advance mapping technologies. Energy storage and hybrid technologies are also a feature of a growing number of equipment types. Volvo has deployed hybrid technologies in its wheel loaders that delivers a 50 percent reduction if fuel savings while also reducing emissions and noise. Global equipment leader Caterpillar has also developed and integrated hybrid solutions in a variety of equipment that delivers a 25 percent reduction in fuel use while still maintaining the durability required of construction equipment.

It takes a wide variety of equipment types to build and maintain roads across the country. The latest near-zero emissions technology coupled with advanced productivity and fuel savings innovations are ready and able today to improve our roads and highways to keep America moving.



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