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July 09, 2014   |   Diesel Technology Forum

Press Release

U.S. Clean Diesel Car Sales Increase 25% in 2014; Overall U.S. Car Market is Up 4%

Contact: Steve Hansen (301) 668-7230 shansen@dieselforum.org

Washington, D.C. – U.S. clean diesel car sales have increased 25 percent during the first six months of 2014 while the overall U.S. car market has increased by 4.2 percent, according to data compiled by Hybrid Cars.com and Baum and Associates.

The 2014 clean diesel sales total includes six months of consecutive sales increases, including double digit increases in March (+ 39.5%), April (+ 60.4%) and May (+26.8%). June 2014 was the 43rd monthly increase in clean diesel sales in the past 47 months, with 31 of those months registering double-digit increases.

2014 Clean Diesel & Hybrid Car Sales

Vs. 2013 Monthly Sales

Jan. 2014

Feb. 2014

March 2014

April 2014

May 2014

June 2014

*Clean Diesels

 +  6.8%

 +  4.5%




 +  8.8%




(- 5.5%)

(- 7.9%)

+  6.6%


Overall Market

(- 3.0%)

(- 0.1%)

 +  5.6%

 +  8.0%


 +  1.1%

 *(Diesel car and SUV markets only - does not include light duty pickup trucks or vans.)

(Source: Hybrid Cars.com and Baum and Associates)

“Sustained and mostly double-digit increases in sales each month over a four year period prove that U.S. consumers are embracing the benefits of clean diesel technology and its proven, high fuel efficiency, great driving performance, and long-term value,” said Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

“The consistently positive sales trends for clean diesel are particularly noteworthy since they have occurred over a recessionary economic period when diesel fuel prices have trended upward, and consumers have many more fuel efficient vehicle choices than ever before. Today, the clean diesel choices include 27 cars and SUVs, nine vans and 10 pickup trucks. We expect that number to nearly double in the next 18 months, and we expect that more models in more brands will only generate higher sales in the future.

“While diesel cars and pickup trucks make up only three percent of the overall U.S. vehicle market, most analysts predict continued growth in the U.S., with many believing the diesel market will double by 2018.”

The Hybrid Cars.com/Baum and Associates sales information follows data compiled by IHS Automotive for the Diesel Technology Forum released last month that showed clean diesel vehicle registrations (cars, SUVS, vans and pickups) had increased by 30 percent from 2010 through 2013.

Link to press release: http://www.dieselforum.org/news/california-texas-and-florida-lead-u-s-in-high-mileage-diesel-and-hybrid-passenger-vehicles

Diesels Have 30% Better Fuel Efficiency Than Gasoline Vehicles

Schaeffer said Americans are seeking more fuel efficient cars and are learning that clean diesel vehicles are about 30 percent more fuel efficient that gasoline equivalents. In addition, he said the new federal fuel efficiency standards that will require a 54.5 mpg average by 2025 will also boost clean diesel auto sales, as auto manufacturers introduce more diesels in the U.S. to help meet these standards.

To see a list of all clean diesel cars and pickups available in the U.S., a list of all the new diesels coming to the U.S. market, and fuel efficiency data go here:



- Diesel Technology Forum - http://www.dieselforum.org/

- Hybrid Cars.com - http://www.hybridcars.com/june-2014-dashboard/

- Baum and Associates - http://www.baum-assoc.com/Pages/default.aspx
Leaders in clean diesel vehicles:

- Cummins - http://www.cummins.com/cmi/

- Chrysler (Jeep, Ram Trucks) - http://www.chryslergroupllc.com/Pages/Home.aspx

- Daimler (Mercedes Benz) - http://www.daimler.com/

- Ford - http://www.ford.com/

- General Motors (GMC/Chevrolet) - http://www.gm.com/

- Mazda - http://www.mazdausa.com/MusaWeb/displayHomepage.action

- Volkswagen Group (Audi, Porsche, VW) - http://www.vw.com/


The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit national organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of diesel engines, fuel and technology, and working with policymakers and other stakeholders on common solutions. Forum members are leaders in clean diesel technology. For more information visit www.dieselforum.org.

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