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November 10, 2021   |

Press Release

Power Solutions for a Reliable and Resilient Power Grid

Industry leaders discuss current and future options during webinar

WASHINGTON (November 10, 2021) –  ­“Most of us don’t think about electrical power until we really need it,” says Daren Tasker, vice president of industrial sales with Volvo Penta. However, the supply of electricity, and the grid that delivers it, are under significant stress. From severe weather events to increased reliance on it, the risk of power outages continues to rise for the nation’s power grid making back-up power systems more important than ever. That was the focus of Tuesday’s webinar hosted by the Diesel Technology Forum.

During the virtual event, Tasker and other leaders of advanced electric power solutions discussed how emergency and backup power systems act as an insurance policy to protect public health and critical infrastructure.

“We are going through the most fundamental, massive change in generating technologies that we’ve ever seen in this sector. So, there are a lot of growing pains happening right now,” said Greg Lamberg, utility business development manager of Peterson Power Systems, a Caterpillar dealer.

He explained that the recent increase in the installation of emergency-use diesel generators is the result of changing government policies and society’s eroding confidence in the capabilities of the grid to reliably provide power.

Different types of diesel generators were explained by Brian Ponstein, a senior application engineer at Rolls-Royce Solutions America Inc. “Health and safety codes and standards that govern things like response time and load carrying capacity for various uses, play a significant role in influencing available options for our customers.”  

While Alex Savelli, executive director of power generation markets with Cummins, discussed options for diesel and gaseous generators on the market, and addressed options for reducing emissions from back-up systems. “Some very large data centers will require exhaust aftertreatment to meet site emissions requirements, and these are entirely possible and in operation today.”

The industry continues to evolve ways to reduce emissions from power generation systems, including particulate emissions control and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. Stan Mack, a regional account lead with Johnson Matthey, spoke to that topic in the webinar.

Panelists also shared views on the growing role for hydrogen fueled internal combustion systems in the power generation sector along with fuel cells and other technologies. Diesel generators remain the gold standard in underwriting the “insurance” necessary to maintain the electrical system and mitigate the potentially disastrous effects of outages at hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, police and fire stations, as well as other critical societal infrastructure for a number of reasons including cost and availability.

You’re invited to watch the recording at Power Solutions for Ensuring Electric Grid Reliability and Resilience | Diesel Technology Forum (dieselforum.org) or download the presentation.

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